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State-of-the-Art Machining Solutions

Precision Machining Services for Your Business

The experienced machinists at Allen Company utilize modern CNC machining centers to manufacture a variety of complex parts from various materials to your specifications. Whether you’re looking for prototypes, low volume, or high volume, we can produce quality parts in a timely manner at a competitive price.

Machining Capabilities

Learn more about our equipment and check out our gallery to see examples of our work.

Our Machining Services Include:

CNC Machining

Our machinists use advanced CNC machining centers to produce a variety of intricate parts to our customers’ specifications.

Horizontal Machining

Horizontal machining is ideal for making parts out of iron, steel, aluminum, lead, plastic, and more.

CNC Routing Services (Large-Bed Router)

A precise form of machining that’s ideal for fabricating small parts or engraving small details in large parts.

CNC Lathe

A versatile engineering tactic in which raw material is rotated to cut and form a custom-manufactured product.

Swiss Lathe Machining

Swiss lathe machining is an effective technique for creating small, precise parts.

Vertical Machining

Also known as milling, this process is used to make complex parts for companies in medical, manufacturing, electronics, and more.

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