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Hinges, Handles, & Knobs

Offset Style Hinges

Flush Style Hinges

Hinges are available in the following materials in either the flush or offset style:

Polypropylene – White, Black, Clear, Natural, Euro-gray
High-Density Polyethylene – Natural
Polycarbonate – Clear
Acrylic – Clear
PVC – White, Gray
Nylon – Natural
ABS – Gray
PVDF Kynar – Natural


D-pull Handles

C-pull Handles

C-Pull Handles, D-Pull Handles, & Knobs:

Polypropylene – White, Black, Natural
PVC – White, Gray
High-Density Polyethylene – Natural
PVDF Kynar – Natural


We also offer a pocket-style hinge and other custom hinges. Contact us for more information.

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